100% Bianchera - Belica native variety

Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia



Ota is unique, Ota is something you don’t expect. An unexpected olive oil that comes from the cold; excellent and award-winning. A variety of olive tree is cultivated in this area called Bianchera-Belica, an old kind of tree very strong that withstands the cold, grows in the karst limestone hills. They are very small producers, that choice quality over quantity. Limited production allows them to take good care of every single olive tree. They personally follow every production phase, from cultivation, harvest and bottling, all the way to label design.

Vis is Latin for strength. This olive oil, made of our most striking variety, the Bianchera, or Belica in the Slovene language, has an intense taste and a slightly pungent touch, perfect for enhancing stronger tastes. This autochthonous cultivar, appreciated since Ancient Roman times, owes its taste to our unique climate and soil.  For the label, we chose a wasp to portray the oil’s strong character. 



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